Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket

These are generic instructions to make a sweatshirt jacket.  The fabric you create will be your own.

What I do is purchase a sweatshirt one size larger than I would normally wear.  Be sure it has set-in sleeves and not raglan sleeves.  I also suggest it match one of the colors you plan to use for the fabric or that it is a neutral color.  

 I then take it apart at the seams (I usually just cut the seam off.  That seems to be the easiest and least time-consuming way)  Label each part  as if it were laying on the table in front of you face up and sleeves spread out. 

I mark the front to show where the center is and cut along that line. 

I then make my own "fabric" that is larger by one inch or more around each side
of each piece.  The purple sweatshirt jacket I did just used 6" quilt blocks
from a swap.  The other one was put together in my head!  I made the crazy patches
 using a Stack and Slash instruction from the internet (http://www.welshofer.com/WebThreads/excerpts/six/ssgrph.htm). 
 Then just pieced together the rest as I went along.  Use your own imagination and
 just think of the possiblities and I'm sure it will be fun. 

I baste the sweatshirt to the "fabric" and machine quilt however I
see fit.  Be sure the right side of the sweatshirt piece is to the wrong side of
 your fabric piece. 

Then trim each piece to the edge of the sweatshirt piece. 

Then serge them together or sew using a narrow zigzag stitch for strength. 

You can either put the banding back on the bottom and sleeves or just use bias binding as you would a quilt. 

I am planning to do more jackets using all of my scraps using a method by Wendy Hill in her book called On The Surface.    I will just cut up various scraps in the same colorway, spray the sweatshirt with basting spray, layout the pieces overlapping
slightly for coverage, and freehand quilt/embroider all over it.  I plan to zigzag the edges of the scraps down first and then use lots of thread to embroider/quilt it.

   I would love to teach this in a class someday.  It comes out looking so cool.  I
plan to use all of my scraps this way, and save everything, even those 1" x 1". 
Enjoy!  Thanks for visiting!

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