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Here are pictures of some quilts I have made in the past.  Click on any picture to get a closer look.

This is a simple Nine Patch quilt.     
It was tied.     
This is a Nine Patch Quilt     
with borders.  It was
machine quilted.
This is a modified Rail Fence
quilt.  The rail fence blocks
alternate with plain blocks.
This is a Pinwheel Quilt. It has stipple quilting all over.
This is an Economy     
Block quilt.  It is a memory quilt
for my 90 Y.O. Grandmother.
This is a Rose Garden Quit from
Strip Quilts in a Hurry by Myrna
This was a challenge quilt using     
the border fabric.  The pattern is      
Iris and Fuschias from Applique in  Bloom by Gabrielle Swain.  The rose is from Floral Applique by Nancy Pearson.  It won the blue ribbon.
This was a panel quilt.  I added
the white border and stipple
quilted around the bears.
The baby's name is in the
quilted blocks and on the
top border.
This is a Cherry Basket quilt.  The
pattern is from Country Stitch
magazine - July/August 1992.  It
is hand quilted and won the blue
ribbon for first quilts.
This is an original pattern using the techniques in the Dimensional Applique book by Elly Sienkewicz.
This is a quilted sweatshirt jacket using the Stack 'n Whack technique from a site on the internet.
This is a quilted sweatshirt jacket using blocks obtained in an online swap.
This is a round robin quilt.  I  made the center block using a pattern from The Easy Art of Applique.  The block was then passed around and borders were added by other quilters from around the country.
This quilt is called Tic Tac Toe using the pattern from Quilting for People who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt by Marti Mitchell.
This quilt was made for my DD's bed.  It is called Frame of Flowers by Four Corners.

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